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Total Price: $ 0.00 NZD.  GST included.

If buying multiple variations/batches with different sizes please ensure the totals of each batch add up to the total added to cart.

Custom printed size labels on WHITE or BLACK satin with SINGLE COLOUR PRINT

  • Printed as a continuous length with cut lines
  • Each label is 40mm long/folds to 20mm high
  • Choose white satin with black print or black satin with matte silver or gold print
  • Specify printing for each side or leave blank for size on the topside and blank underneath - for example, you may want the size on the font and Made in New Zealand on the back
  • If you need to see a proof, a digital screenshot can be sent
  • PRINTED EXACTLY AS YOU ORDER - Only type SIZE if you want the word included 

CHOOSE THE TOTAL QUANTITY and then if you would like these printed with different sizes please select "Various sizes to print" and type the number of different sizes into the box to be correctly charged the split print run fee.

Why do we charge a fee? If we print 100 labels in 5 different sizes (20 of each) it takes us a lot longer as the file must be updated between each lot. If you order a very small quantity of each size, we may bag these up together so we don't have 5 labels in a bag and 20 bags for example.

A size label is sometimes referred to as a size pip. Pips are just small labels.


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Total Price: $ 0.00 NZD.  GST included.